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You have a problem on your Virtual Server (VPS) Flex and need to boot to another operating system to repair your system. The mechanism of netboot is not available for type benefits  : Server Flex. On the other hand you can go through an ISO mounted on your Server. You have in addition to a library of iso images that you can mount in a virtual drive to start on a third system. The method depends on the technology on which your Server Flex is hosted  : Hyper-V 2 (Windows Server 2008) Hyper-V or 3 (Window Server 2012)


Connect you on your flex Portal  :
In the properties of your Virtual Server (VPS), select the virtual drive of your Server then add an image from the library of iso available.
We recommend that you use either the Sysrescue CD either Backtrack in order to start on a third party system.
Once you have mounted the image, restart your Server in order to start on the iso you have chosen. Make your repairs then once finished, remove the iso image and again reboot your system.


If your Servervirtual s are hosted on a hypervisor with HYPER-V technology 3, you must follow this FAQ section for access to the console (Hyper-V category 3) : fr:Connexion_à_la_console_virtuelle_KVM The ISOS are more modular for this technology, we invite you needed to open a ticket to the bracket so it mounts ISO on your Server.

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